manufacturer of emergency lighting



Allow to connect tube, halogen or led fittings, depending on
applied modules. Central battery operates up to 24 output
circuits, 64 substations. Maximum number of circuits is 1536
which allows for connecting and monitoring of up to 30 720


Information about the system

Power supply

230 V AC / 50 Hz

Nominal voltage

216 V DC

Rechargeable battery

Lead-acid maintenance-free rechargeable batteries; lifespan up to 12 years

Output circuits

Up to 24 exit circuits with user-programmed working mode




Free programming of individual circuits:
networked, non-maintained, maintained operation
Maximum net load capacity  2,5 A
Power  540 VA
Number of substation  < 64
Number of circuits supported  < 1536
Number of fittings connected  < 30 720
Isolation class  I
Protection type IP20 

 System features:

– conformity with standards EN 50171, EN 50172
and DIN VDE 0108
– system constructed with modules
– daily and annual tests controlled by microprocessor
– user-programmed operation mode of each circuit
– mixed operation mode of fitti ngs on one circuit
– up to 20 fittings on one circuit
– monitoring of circuits and fittings
– possibility of connecting substation
– failed tests information storage
– touch screen control with intuitive and simple interface
– easy, intuitive configuration
– CC/CV rechargeable battery charging – prolonging their life
– monitoring of cables isolation condition
– possibility of connecting up to 24 circuits
– unauthorized access protection
– possibility of wireless change of module address
– embedded www server
– ethernet network connection possibility
– option to cooperate with building management systems using
Modbus TCP

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