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TM TECHNOLOGIE triumphs at the GOOD DESIGN 2016 award ceremony!

Huge success! Last week our company was awarded the main prize for the emergency lighting system 
DATA 2 at the ceremony for the finalists of the GOOD DESIGN 2016 competition. 
This is a very prestigious distinction for us, since the level of products qualified to a final round was very high. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

We would like to thank all the employees who contributed to the success, and in particular,
to our “gold” Design and Technology Development Department.

Good Design in the category of New Technologies: Emergency Lighting System DATA 2
Design: Design and Technology Development Department of TM TECHNOLOGIE
Manufacturer: TM TECHNOLOGIE Sp. z o.o
Justification: The Jury was impressed with the excellent adaptation of the DATA 2 system to the management of large public buildings. High level of access security and protection against failures build
a sense of safety and reliability.

Find photo gallery from the GOOD DESIGN 2016 Ceremony on our FB profile 

TM TECHNOLOGIE triumphs at the GOOD DESIGN 2016 award ceremo